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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Olasonic TW-S7 10W+10W USB powered Speaker System Review.

I recently had the opportunity to try a set of Olasonic TW-S7 10W+10W powered speakers. I hooked them up to my mini laptop and started jamming some Maroon 5. And let me tell you... these speakers rocked. They are the loudest, smoothest, clearest speakers I have ever heard hooked up through my PC. I loved it.

These speakers are compatible with Mac or PC and are super easy to hook up because all you have to do is plug the USB into your computer and it downloads and installs itself and automatically plays.
The speakers also come with 2 high-quality silicone insulator stands that absorb any base vibration. These stand also allow you to twist and turn the speakers to any angle that you desire.
These speakers are available in 2 colors. Noble Black and Brilliant White.
I will be having a giveaway in the next 24 hours and I will be giving away a set in both colors. 2 winners! So stay tuned for that.
These speakers are great for listening to music, but they are also great for listening to audio books, skyping, or any other thing you may have to do online or offline that may require audio.

I highly recommend these speakers to anyone and everyone. The Olasonic website has tons of FAQ's and customer and technical support should you have any problems, which I had none. But I'm glad that it is there if I ever do need it. You can also download an owner's manual from the site, too.

BUY IT: You can purchase these speakers on Amazon,, or 

WIN IT:  You can win a set of these speakers for your very own ( 2 of you!!!) right here on my blog. Just click here to enter.

CONNECT: You can connect with Olasonic on their website, and on Facebook.

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